You’ll Never Believe What Physics Teaches

Physics is an interesting subject with plenty of amazing facts that will surely astound you. See the following information and discover things you don’t know about it yet.
interesting physics facts

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What Is Physics?

A branch of science that deals with the properties of energy and matter as well as studies about nature, physical science is an interesting but challenging subject. It is differentiated from other branches of science like biology and chemistry because it deals with light, mechanics, and heat as well as with electricity, sound, radiation, and magnetism, among others. It is complex in itself, which is why most students find it hard to understand and learn about.

5 Crazy Discoveries in Physics

  1. Time stops at the speed of light.
  2. Light is influenced or affected by gravity.
  3. Our universe is expanding rapidly.
  4. All matter is just energy.
  5. All objects fall at the same speed.

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11 Interesting Physics Facts You Should Know

  1. Man does not know what most of the universe is.
  2. You could be a walking H-bomb.
  3. You might already have read this.
  4. Another you might have died reading this
  5. Even when you’re standing still, know that you are still moving.
  6. There are almost one billion trillion stars in the universe.
  7. An asteroid might hit the earth in 2029.
  8. Neutron stars are very heavy.
  9. We are made out of stars.
  10. One million earths could fit inside the sun.
  11. The Higgs Boson particle gives form to the universe.

You still don’t like Physics because:

  1. It blows your mind.
  2. It can correct balancing.
  3. It is a very hard game.

There you have some amazing facts about physical science that you might want to know about. Practice and learning of the processes, techniques, and methods involve you in the study and soon you will be able to master it. Devote enough time to learn about it and feel rewarded with the improved knowledge you will get.

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